Here are the most frequently asked questions:

Why Soft1 Payroll?

Soft1 Payroll is an open plan platform that can be configured to meet your way of doing business with minimal IT investment and resources. It offers flexibility, high efficiency and effectiveness, and a variety of financial and control reports.

What are the pricing models?

1.Purchase model with On-premises Installation
2.ASK model: a subscription basis model with On-premises Installation
3.Cloud model, hosted on Microsoft’s Azure servers, with anytime accessibility to your data and with Microsoft security levels

Can I transfer the data from my existing system?

Your data can be transfered from the existing system to Soft1 Payroll, using our importing tools and functionality.

Can I have a multicompany or Group of Companies setup?

You can create as many as companies you need without any extra cost.
Also, you can create a Group of Companies setup, meaning that you can have a multi-company schema which is managed from a Parent Company.

What is the average implementation time?

The implementation is usually done within a working week, and it covers the installation, the data migration, the system adjustments, and the training of the users. It also covers the Go-Live support for the first two months.

What adjustments can I apply to the system?

You can adjust the browsers, the screens, the access rights, and most of the reports of the system (i.e., you can create your own payslip template). Also, you can create your own employee data elements.

How is the upgrade done?

The Soft1 system upgrade is done automatically in case of the Cloud installation and with the Live Update Job in case of the On-Premises Installation.
The payroll upgrades are done with the Payroll Synchronization job.

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