Payroll Consulting

Our payroll consulting services here at Paycon, can consult you through your options and help you to find the solution that works for you and your employees, at an optimum level.

How do we do that? Our payroll specialists get to know and understand your business and its activities and then guide you towards the best solution for your company, aiming to meet your business needs not just for now but also in the upcoming time.

We provide to your business an actual hands-on support, as we act as an extension to your team, while being outside your company.

Key Features

Our payroll experts are fully aware and updated regarding all the relevant laws and regulations connected to the Payroll and Payroll Management

Our payroll experts act as a deterrent for you, not to get penalised and help you to avoid potential fines due to compliance misstatements

Regarding the Advisory Services related to general Labour Matters/Cases, we offer services related to the employment contracts, recruitment of new joiners and the termination of existing employees, thus ensuring the interests and obligations of both parties.

Our Personal Income Tax Consulting Services aim to eliminate the risk of potential damage to our clients’ reputation by ensuring that they are fully compliant with the Income Tax legislation.

Our services packages are carefully designed for each one of you trying to meet the optimum point of satisfaction based on your needs, current and future

We can provide you with comprehensive insights which can help you manage your employee and payroll data to make more to the point business decisions in the future

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