We are Paycon Payroll System, Payroll Services and HR Software.
All combined under the powerful Soft1 platform.
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We are Paycon Providing high-quality Business Solutions and Services.
Adding value, efficiency, and automation to our customers’ business procedures.
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We are Paycon Being in the Payroll business since 2007.
Implementation of numerous projects that span a variety of sectors.
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Payroll Software


Soft1 Payroll is a comprehensive, user-friendly, and highly secure Payroll system that helps organizations improve efficiency and manage payroll procedures.

Payroll Consulting


Our experts are on hand to deliver managed payroll services at scale using extensive payroll, tax, and HR knowledge to help clients find business solutions.

HR Software


Make the most out of Soft1 HR module and reflect the whole company with each Job position separately, yet in connection with the wider group of Employees.

Time & Attendance Solution


Time and attendance system enables an employer to monitor employees working hours, late arrivals, early departures, time taken on breaks and absenteeism.

Who is Paycon

Paycon is an expanding company with a bright outlook providing Payroll and HR Solutions as well as other Payroll related Services. Paycon, is an authorized partner of Softone Technologies Ltd, a leading company focusing on the development of ERP, CRM, Payroll and HR Software, all combined under the Soft1 platform, which can be provided either on a Premise model or on a Cloud model.

About us

Why Choose Soft1 Payroll


Designed to meet your changing requirements and really make a difference to your business, Soft1 Payroll ensures accuracy and flexibility at every stage of the payroll process

End-to-end payroll

Get all the functionality you need to automate and easily manage your payroll needs. Simplify and streamline your processes and execute complex payroll requirements, accurately and on time.

Agile operation

Delivered in the cloud or on-premise, Soft1 Payroll fully adjusts to your business model. Support every aspect of your payroll and achieve maximum timeliness, accuracy and compliance.

Always up-to-date

Soft1 Payroll incorporates robust functionality and up-to-date payroll related legislation to ensure that your company is always compliant and risk-free.

Save time

Better manage your payroll needs, save time and increase your efficiency. Execute complex payroll requirements timely and confidently, while guarding against costly mistakes.

Quality of Service

We believe that quality of service and product is a common denominator for our success, so we do everything in our power to attain and maintain this standard

Trusted Personal relations

Because we foster long term relationships with our customers, we ensure understanding their business thoroughly and working relentlessly on earning their trust

We are Paycon

Professional solutions for your business.

Top-notch advantages at a glance
Satisfied Clients
Exceptional client support
Deep knowledge and expertise
Years of Experience
Market-leading experience
Full customisable solutions

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